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Are you an aspiring writer???

Are you in need of healing (mind, body, spirit & soul)???

Are you truly ready to place all your thoughts, visions and dreams into their works???

“[bih-wair]” segment aim is to aid others in heightening their God Given Gifts of Inspirational Writing,,, 

Within this session “[bih-wair]”,  Amazon & iTunes 5-Time Author D’Vine Scott along with periodic special guest speakers, will introduce you to many of the hidden details in truly understanding keys in the writing, publishing & branding process...

[bih-ware] Pivotal Points

Webinar Consist Of:

60-75 minutes Key Speaking Point of Embracing the Greatness Within You OR [bih-wair]/Prophetic Word

30 min Question/Answer

Registration: Limited space available

Pivotal Points
  • Writing Process
  • Publishing
  • E-book
  • Branding
  • Launching
  • Tour