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Testimony by  Leianna Shepherd -Jacksonville FL

December 2012

I would like to share my blessing from God through the hands of Ms D'Vine Scott. I'll begin to start by saying I was told by doctors that I would need brain surgery because I had Chiari Malformations Type One. It has always caused me a lot of pain and sickness, but I had to keep moving forward with the pain to take care of my four kids. On December 9, 2012 I had to go to get food for the house and proceeded to go in pain and not feeling well. On my electric cart I was making my way into the frozen food section where I ran across a woman asking if I wanted to try a sample of fudge, I said sure. The lady asked me, "Why aren't you smiling?" I began to tell her that I did not feel well and my health was really bad. After talking for a little while she asked if I would mind if she could lay hands on me, I said sure, but I will be back in a few minutes. Well sooner than later I ran into my amazing blessing, the same lady walked down the isle I was shopping on and she laid her hand on my head for a few minutes, then to the back of my neck then my shoulder and I began to feel the amazing touch of God through her hands, I couldn't stop crying. I couldn't even express to my Mama how I was feeling, I was speechless for about twenty minutes. I had to go back to find this lady because she had to have been an angel by what I just experienced, I spoke to her again and thanked her, she told me to give all thanks & glory to God and she gave me a card if I needed any further help.

Later on that week I had a Nero Surgery appointment to find out what day we would schedule my surgery and the Doctor sent me with my Mama for another MRI to make sure things have not gotten worse, so we did. As we made it back to the room to talk with my Doctor here comes my miracle from God, after all being said I was stuck on hearing my Doctor and Mama saying your surgery is no longer needed, I began to weep. I thanked God then I ask again what do you mean no longer needed, he said sounding amazed, its not longer there, including the tumor, they are both gone,,, I said "My God thank you Jesus".

I want to give God the glory for His healing power through the hands of yours, Ms. D'Vine, thank you for letting God use you to touch my life, may God continue blessing you my sister.

~Leianna Shepherd - Jacksonville Florida

Testimony by Jennifer Ceballos - Dallas Texas

July 2015

I've always believed sometimes in my mind I can't help, but have doubt, even as bad as that sounds. I think maybe it's the devil at work. I believe he tries to put doubt into our hearts, so that it's harder to believe in the Word of God and his many daily miracles. D'Vine has helped me overcome my doubt on many occasions. Let me tell you about one occasion:

Let me begin by telling you that I have known D'Vine for many years. And although most of the years were from long distance, we still managed to stay very close. God has placed her in my life to stay, I feel this in my heart. God always places it in her heart to call me at the right times. A few years ago, D'Vine called me to catch up on what's new with each of our lives. From the start she insisted in knowing how my mother was doing. This was surprising to me because she has never met my mother face to face. My mother had been having a lot of pain and her doctors were running different test in order to find out what was causing her pain. Finally they discovered her gallbladder was very much diseased and she needed to have it removed. I told all this to D'Vine and she immediately asked me to pray with her over the phone too and we asked God to completely heal her. Heal not only for the physical pain she was experiencing, but also the emotional hurt she was being hindered with in her life. Of course this surprised me because I hadn't ever mentioned to her about any emotional issues that my mom clearly had. Immediately after our prayer I felt a load lifted off my chest. She told me there will be people from all different areas praying for her as well. I felt overwhelmed with appreciation for her love and concern. As of that moment, I thought nothing else of our prayer and conversation after until about a week later. My mother went to her pre-surgery appointment to run more tests and happened to showed her gallbladder was now completely healthy! Even after this miracle I was still doubtful. I am ashamed to admit this, but I have to because its the truth. I assumed that from all the original tests they diagnosed her incorrectly from the start.

I never thought of my mother to be a spiritual or religious person, so I assumed it was pointless to tell her about my prayers to God for her to be healed. A few months later my mother was talking about changing doctors because of all that she had went through with her current doctor. This is when I finally decided to share with my mom about my prayer request to God with D'Vine and the others she had praying for my mom, she was so happy. My mom told me that she wished I had mentioned this to her before and now after hearing this everything made sense to her. She believed from the start! And I had not! After this I knew from deep within my heart and bones that this is all the glory of God! I knew without any doubt that He healed my mother through my prayers with D'Vine and all the other people she had praying for her!! I prayed to God to forgive me for my doubt. I thanked Him for placing my wonderfully spiritual friend in my life to help guide me in the right direction when my weaknesses leads me in the opposite direction. I now completely understand the importance in prayer and thanking God for this miracle and for everything I have in my life.

~Jennifer Ceballos - Dallas Texas

Testimony by AW -Houston TX

March 2016

" They are no words for how God has used Ms. D'vine Scott in my life. Through the power of God, She has truly been a blessing to me and my family! I thank God for her many gifts and pray that she continues to use them to glorify His name. God bless! " AW ~Houston TX

7th year walking in "My God Led Dream"

May 2016

2016-18 My God Led Dream Tour

"Building, Bonding, Living & Loving All Placed Within Who God Has Created Me To Be Through Christ"... ~Arizona ~ Florida ~ Georgia ~ New Jersey ~ New Mexico ~ New York ~ Carolina's ~ Texas ~ Virginia ~ Washington DC ~Across these Great States in America~

Blessings Blessings to you; welcome to "My God Led Dream",,, For the past seven months, I have been blessed to travel over fifteen thousand miles in which, God led me to many amazing places in order to work with churches, various types of organizations and many, many of His Beloved Children,,, various cities & counties in the great states of Virginia, North & South Carolina, Florida, Georgia, Tennessee, Alabama, Texas, New Mexico, including St Louis Missouri and Tucson Arizona,,, it truly has been an honor, pleasure & blessing to have accomplished the first phase of this tour...

God is currently leading me to walk into the second phase of "My God Led Dream", I am supper excited #AllGloryB2God,,, 😍😍😍,,, God has blessed me to Touch Lives through Christ within me, in which I truly am privileged to be chosen as one of God's Mighty Vessels... My God Led Dream is the Ministry that has been developed within me to spread to all those God has placed within my path,,, I diligently will love, encourage and continuously share God's Greatness to all placed within my path through my writings, various fellowship gatherings including: Conferences, A Vast Assortment of Courses/Classes, Spiritually Giving Back, Book Clubs, Shopping Days, Luncheons, Days of Beauty and Spiritual Body Work-Outs, Girl Nights Out, Family Fun Outings & so much more,

Should your Ministry/Organization or you know of a Ministry/Organization with an event that you feel I should participate in; please take a minute in consulting God through Christ first,,, should He order your steps in moving forward, please feel free to extend the invitation,,, it will be my honor and pleasure to do so,,, remember all I need is the invite (dates, location & times) and I will do my best to fit it in my schedule,,, if you would like to speak about this over the phone, via video chat or in person please let me know,,, my email address is [email protected],,, thanking you in advance for all of your time and concern with this matter,,, please stay tuned, God has so much in store #TrulyExcited ,,, stay encouraged, be a blessing, enjoy the remainder of this Blessed Birth of Christ Season and embrace this blessed 2017 With all God has in store for all of His Beloved Children,,, (I apologize for the collage of pics is going so fast, I had to speed it up to fit all 500 pics God chose for me to share) ~S D'Vine Scott

Testimony by E Danee' Wright -Lubbock TX

August 2016

" I'll never forget the first time D'Vine and I met. We actually met through a mutual friend of ours. I was on the phone with him crying, telling him how I felt like God was calling me to Him. After a couples of minutes of me crying to him, he finally suggested that I speak to a friend of his a strong woman of God because he felt like she could help me. So he gave me her number and told me to call her. When he text me her number, I look down at it and said "I'm not calling her" and put my phone down. Five minutes later, I look down at my phone and said "Is she calling me?" Now according to D'Vine, it was longer than five minutes lol. At first I was hesitant to answer, but I did and we have been in each other's lives ever since. 

That was 5 years ago. Since then, I have grown so much as a person. I have my Associates Degree in Chemistry, my Bachelors in Criminal Justice, and this Fall I will be starting on my Masters. I have gone from a size 24 being 300 lbs to an size 8 in less than 11 months. Which has given me more confidence, joy, and happiness in myself. All thanks to God bring this wonderful, amazing, beautiful, bold, confident, phenomenal, and strong woman of God into my life. We have been through a lot together and have seen God's miracles in the toughest situations. She has been such an amazing Auntie to my daughter and I would not have it any other way. It is truly an honor and a privilege to watch daily how God uses her to touch so many lives. She is truly an inspiration and I couldn't be more thankful, honored, and grateful to have her a part of my life and my daughter's life. 

Thank you D'Vine for always being you. Thank you for diligence and obedience. Thank you for changing my life and turning me into the woman and mother I am today. I love you so very very very much! Thank you!"

~E. Danee' Wright - Lubbock, Texas

Testimony by Dena & Nita of Hips N'💋 ~Stone Mountain GA

April 2017

We met D'Vine at a Women's Empowerment Conference. As she started to speak it was like she had my attention immediately. I was waiting to hear what she was going to say. God spared her life and left her with what some would say is a disability but as she spoke I instantly knew God had chosen her to be a walking testimony. The umbilical cord got wrapped around one of her fingers and she showed us with beaming pride. I was amazed that even with a tragic situation God allowed her to share her story as her testimony!!!!!! D'Vine along with other intercessors prayed with and over everyone in the building! Now this is a truth moment for me!!! I had never been prophesied to! My sister always speaks about it and I have always yearned for it! I felt it would be confirmation for me of what God has already spoke or showed me. That was one of the most powerful corporate prayers I ever been a part of! I felt something shift!!!!!! I was beyond grateful!! The spirit of the Lord was all over that place. {~Dena}

On the day we met D'Vine the enemy ALMOST had us distracted and throwed off with a car breakdown. Had we fell in the trap the enemy tried to set for us, we would've missed out on our blessing!!! Like Dena said, D'Vine has an amazing testimony that she shared that day! But the corporate prayer was LIFE! On that day, D'Vine actually laid hands on me and casted out all of the anger, emotions and grudges I was holding on to. When we spoke with D'Vine a few weeks later, she said that when she prayed for me, she felt the shift and I released most of it, but I still had work to do. She also told us that on that very same day, God told her that she would work with both of us, not knowing that we were a team!!! All I can say is the words that she spoke came into fruition on that very same day and days to come after that. It was mind blowing to feel the shift and to see everything she relayed was delicately unfolding just as she released it. God has truly blessed us with his annointed vessels that truly want to see Hips N'💋 LIVE OUR GOD GIVEN PURPOSE and TO DO GODS WORK!!!! ALL I know is D'Vine is the truth and definitely GOD sent. THANK YOU HEAVENLY FATHER for blessing Hips N'💋 without you none of this would be possible. TO GOD BE THE GLORY { ~Nita}

The very next day after we posted the blog, we got a inbox on Facebook to call D'Vine. She said she had a word from God to relay to us!!!!!! All I can say is It HIT ME!! God had sent one of his Angel's to us!! TO US!!! Hips N'💋!!!!! US!!!! Everything prophesied to us on that very Saturday started happening that very day and everyday after for 3 days!!!! We were told we'd work with a awesome woman of God in a lot of capacities!!! That same day we ran into her at a event and exchanged information!!! NOBODY BUT GOD!!!!!!! WITHIN THESE DAYS THE MOST POWERFUL WOMEN OF GOD WERE PRESENTED TO US BY WAY OF PROPHECY, PRAYER, AND CONFIRMATION!!! D'Vine gave us the word of God! HE SHOWED UP AND SHOWED OUT🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽 WE ARE FOREVER GRATEFUL!!

Acts 22:14-16

"Then he said, ‘The God of our ancestors has handpicked you to be briefed on his plan of action. You’ve actually seen the Righteous Innocent and heard him speak. 15 You are to be a key witness to everyone you meet of what you’ve seen and heard. 16 So what are you waiting for? Get up and get yourself baptized, scrubbed clean of those sins and personally acquainted with God."

Dena & Nita of Hips N'💋 ~Stone Mountain GA

Testimony by Natasha Brown ~Los Angelas CA

April 2017

I just wanted to give a testimony on how God uses Divine. She has been a complete blessing to me since I have met her. She has ministered to me on several occasions. She has guided and directed me on my path through our father God. She is a great intercessor and has prayed for me on more then one occasion. She is a true woman of God who allows God to order her footsteps. I just thank God for allowing those footsteps to find me. She was definitely a divine connection for me.

Wholeness Retreat has been born

October 2017

🚨🚨🚨EXCITING NEWS🚨🚨🚨 Hey, Hey, Heyyyyy 👋🏽👋🏽👋🏽 it's ya girl D'Vine Scott of "My God Led Dream" Happy Happy Day,,, many many blessings to each and everyone of you!!! I have some truly exciting news to share with everyone,,,

Over 8 years ago God begun a mighty work in me, I have been blessed to carry some pretty phenomenal works of His, "God's Babies ", in which He instilled and literally has manifested within me to develop and even deliver some along my journey,,, awesomely at this stage God has finally given me the honor & privilege to introduce with pleasure the "Septuplets" to you in this amazing season (remember this season officially began June of 2017 and doesn't end till May 31 of 2018,,, these 7 babies for the past 6 years have been perfectly nourished and incubated through Christ & here I am to present 7 of God's beautiful babies to you,,,

Please help me welcome the Wholeness Retreat 2017-2019,,, the Wholeness Retreat consists of "Luncheons", "Dinners", "Knight-Outs", "Full Days of Healing, Believing & Living ~through Christ", 3-Night Revivals, "Bi-Annual Days of Healing Get-Aways" & "Annual Women's Expo",,, if you would like to find out more information on the "Septuplets" please go to register or learn more about each gathering now via 

Y'all please don't forget love on and help me nurture the other babies God has previously blessed me to deliver;

"Call on God prayer-line" was deliver 2011 in which I preform every Monday 9pm sharp (8:45pm CT praise & worship listen in to the live audio broadcast here on this site (just click the live audio button top of this page), watch live video via Periscope or call in (619) 924-0742 with your prayer request,,,

"Praise, Worship & Inspirational Word" was delivered June of 2016 in which I preform every Sunday 7-10pm CT listen in to the live audio broadcast here on this site (just click the live audio button top of this page) or watch live video via Periscope,,, please feel free to call in (619) 924-0742 and share your time, love, laughter, and tears with us,,, and

"Transparent Thursday's" we preform every Thursday at 9pm CT , listen in to the live audio broadcast here on this site (just click the live audio button top of this page), watch live video via Periscope or sometimes it will be via Facebook Live,,, please feel free to call in (619) 924-0742 and share your time, love, laughter, and tears with us...

If you are a visual person and you would like to follow my journey, you can do so via Twitter, Periscope, Instagram & Snapchat with the username @DVineLashes,,, get inspiring word via two Facebook pages "Touching Lives Woman's Ministry" & "Singles Building Faith",,, in you would like to send me a prayer request, invite me to speak or attend your event, it would be my honor to do so as God is willing, please send those request to [email protected]

I thank each of you for all of your continuous love, support and prayers always & forever through Christ Jesus Amen, Amen & Amen... 🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾

Wholeness Retreat has been born

September 2018

Blessings Blessings;

I am happy to share the next platform God has enabled me to encounter, please celebrate with me...

The Entrepreneur tour consist of sharing time with various individuals, organizations and churches across the many great United States, from DC down to Florida and as far west to Nevada... Our objective is to participate in conferences, meetings and various gatherings in order to aid in the branding process for “ The Entrepreneur Experience & Tour”... “The Entrepreneur Tour” ultimately has been established to allow others to be inspired to allow God to spark the entrepreneurial spirit, which is in each and everyone of us, Deuteronomy 8:18...

This tour is comprised by; writings through two of my most popular books, “Three Stage Through Christ” & “Embracing the Greatness Within You”,,, the amazing #MyGodLedDream Essential Oil Blends & Oils which has been inspired and developed through God's perfect directions,,, SYC DVine Cleaners our amazing automobile detail products and last yet never least, the baby launched in August of 2017, the Wholeness Retreat which are God Led small group events...

The essentials  to the Wholeness Retreat are two components; the first focuses solely on understanding Healing, Believing & Living through Christ... The second [bih-wair] consist of teaching the key attributes in writing, publishing and building process, which are keys that ultimately blessed me to become the Amazon & iTunes 5-time Inspirational Self-Published Author that  I am so proud to be...

To sum all this up; I have been diligently following God’s every single step in order to successfully launch this baby, please celebrate with me.... If you would like to learn more about my journey please check out my website; where you can read more about me,,, view my current schedule,,, become an angel here on earth for my journey,,, understand details on how "The Entrepreneur" was developed,,, including various stages for products,,, feel free to place your orders and so much more...

I thank you so much for your continuous prayers & loving support ~D’Vine

Your donations are greatly appreciated...

August 31st 2020

Blessings Blessings;

I am currently at a crucial position, that I have been led to reach out for help in order to ensure "Multiple Streams" has a successful soft launch in The next couple months and a productive public launch the first quarter of 2021... 

I humbly ask you, to please take some time to consult God through Christ in you, in regards to aiding my current situation... The Goal Budget for "Multiple Stream" is approximately $68.2k; however my immediate need to transition to my new atmosphere is a little under $34.5k; which includes travel to new area, all the necessities to continue in preparing for the 7 out of 13 of my "Multiple Streams", my first three months to cover housing & all personal necessities...

Please keep in mind there is no amount too much and never an amount to little, every cent adds up to the ultimate goal of my continuing to Touch All Lives Within God’s Will, through Christ Jesus' Holy Spirit that flows in me...


If you would like more information or have any questions please feel free to email me at [email protected] or contact me personally at (541) 2CHRIST... Once again I thank you in advance for all your time and concern with this matter, continued Blessings upon Blessings, through Christ Jesus, Amen, Amen, Amen...

God has given me a couple ways to bless others back for blessing my journey, CLICK HERE  for more info...

Love Always & Forevermore

S D'Vine Scott

Excited about this new baby

Nov 24th  2020

SBF Group: Shifters Building Faith Group will engage in amazing positive communication over various topics, embrace unlimited laughter, experience an abundance of fun, engulf in endless encouragement and inspiring other singles while continuously glowing in whom God created each of us to be through Jesus Christ always & forevermore, Amen, Amen, Amen...

Let us all be excited about this online space of tools with support, to inspire, to encourage & to edify one another as the brothers and sisters in Christ that we have been ordained to be... Sign-up, Stay Tuned and Mark Your Calendars with detail organized in-person God led activities/events such as Luncheons & Dinners, Movie Nights, Game Nights, Bowling Nights, Get-A-Ways and so much more...  -D'Vine Scott

Welcome to BY System

September 29th 2021

I’ve been sharing my 4th Generation Family Remedies with relatives & close friends since December 2019 when this current pandemic began; in which everyone has been raving about them and continue to ask for more... As a result I’m led to share it with the world, so that everyone within my path can continue to have the opportunity to boost their immune system while improving their health...

At this current stage, I am offering promotional items in order to raise sufficient capital to effectively facilitate the mass production of the BY System... Until my goal is reached, I am locally accepting pick-up orders for the BY System Nutritional Enhancement Products; and all promotional items will be shipped directly to the address given when placing your orders... Thanking you in advance for your time, concern, love and continuing support" -D’Vine