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Inspirational Writings

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D'Vine Scott 

7-time Published Inspirational Author & Motivational Speaker

“When I was 27, I was lost, confused and very frustrated with life... My feelings were filled with abandonment issues, loneliness, unworthiness, anger, helplessness and so many more emotions to share; however one day I hear a still voice tell me to write down all my thoughts and feelings on paper, did this work??? Nope,,, I thought not lol,,, until six months later... I happen to run across them very writings... My very first though was, did I write this lol; these writings allowed me to begin to fall in love with who I truly am,,, not for anyone else, yet simply for me...

From that very day forward I loved, lived and grew daily and that is simply how my writing process began... Nine years later God decided it was time for me to shift me, did I get that??? Absolutely not,,, but I was willing. to open myself up to whatever God was unfolding in me... Please enjoy these inspirational books; "Three Stages Through Christ" which details three stages in my personal journey through Christ, and "Embracing the Greatness Within You" aiding in the healing, believing and living in Christ process... ~S D'Vine Scott

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