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Simply Divine Lashes

Specializing in Gorgeous Lashes


"See Me"

Hooray for no more messy glue in our  Special Edition “Lavish Magnetic Lashes" Collection... 

These Gorgeous Mink Magnetic Lash sets are handmade in the USA; with proper application & care our lashes can be flawlessly worn 3-6 weeks, many have used the same pair of gorgeous lashes for 6 months... Every set from this collection comes with comes with 2 extra soft lash brushes, 2 application utensils & magnetic eyeliner...

Application for magnetic lashes: Apply mascara to natural lashes, trim outer lash strip to suit your eye shape, apply eyeliner to natural lash line, when eyeliner feels tacky (approximately 10-15 seconds) apply strip,,, for strongest hold apply two coats of eyeliner

Care: Remove lashes, brush lashes with lash brush to get debris & store properly in case, cleanse strips with q-tip with astringent once a week or as needed, detail cleanse once every two weeks magnets with q-tip with hot water, allow to air dry & store properly in case...

See Me

Our lashes are bound to deliver the final touch to your everyday look... Whether you are dress down in sweats & tennis’s or dressed in your best for a day on the town, we believe that true beauty glows internally; therefore with our lashes your eyes will shine externally for all to see, adore & hear you clearly...

Application, Care & Shipping

Each set of our Gorgeous Lashes comes with 2 extra soft lash brushes & two application utensils... Application: apply mascara to natural lashes, trim outer lash strip to suit your eye shape, apply lash glue to lash line, when glue feels tacky (approximately 5-7 seconds) apply strip close as possible to lash line, add remainder eye makeup as desired..

Care: Remove lashes, cleanse lash strips once a week (or as needed) with q-tip & astringent, detail brush lashes twice or three times to clear any unnecessary debris, also daily cleanse lashes with lash brush dipped in warm water after each wear, allow to air dry & store properly in case

Shipping: All orders are strictly shipped via USPS Priority flat-rate mail within one to three business days from the day of placing your order (unless waiting for restock, in which you will be notified) If you are placing an order for more then two sets of lashes, the shipping cost will be adjusted after the order of placed & a refund will be applied...