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Wholeness Retreat

"Touching Lives since 2010"

Blessings, Blessings; 

As this reaches each of your eyes, heart and minds, may God preform amazement beyond your mind can comprehend in this blessed day you are currently encountering...

LATEST NEWS: Opening my schedule to 1-on-1 Talks, preparing for launching of #MyGodLedDream Essential Oils & SYC DVine Cleaners and mentally, spiritually, physically preparing for this next shift that will occur as this season ends before Tabernacle Season of this year (approx dates 9/23 through 10/1)... Be ready God is going shock people this season; therefore thank God in advance now for all He is doing for each of you and all those placed within each of your paths, PRODUCTIVITY & DILIGENCE THOUGH CHRIST JESUS AMEN, AMEN, AMEN... Stay Blessed ~D'Vine 

 ~Spiritual Enrichment



Solely at God's Will, my goal is Touch All Lives placed within my path, through Christ Jesus within me... I have been led to open up my schedule to one on one sessions with God's Children who are yearning to shift into what God has next for their individual paths... With your donation of any amount, I will schedule sufficient date/time that works for both yours and my availability (Monday - Friday, 10 am through 6pm CST),  let's see what God will do...

 1-on-1 Talks w/D'Vine

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Thank you,,, Your message was sent successfully,,, I look forward to see what God will do for you, Stay Blessed!!!

Blessings, Blessings:

Are you or a loved on in need of healing (mind, body, spirit & soul)???

Are you or a loved one ready to step up your faith and begin to diligently walk on water in God’s Mighty ways???

Are you or a love one ready to constantly flow in a balanced life walking in righteousness???

Are you or a loved one truly ready to place all your thoughts, visions and dreams into their works???

Wholeness Retreat Pivotal Points

Embracing the Greatness Within You” segment aim is to successfully allow others to embrace the key elements in order to walk in God's Greatness at all times…

Wholeness Retreat Pivotal Point

“[bih-wair]” segment aim is to aid others in heightening their God Given Gifts of Inspirational Writing,,, within this session “[bih-wair]”, Author D’Vine Scott along with periodic special guest speakers, we will introduce you to many of the hidden details in truly understanding keys in the writing, publishing & publishing process...

Embracing the Greatness Within You

  • Healing- Releasing & Healing of Past Pains
  • Believing-Growing Close in Your Personal Relationship with God
  • Living-Understanding and Accepting Your Purpose


  • Writing | Editing Process
  • Publishing
  • E-book
  • Marketing | Branding
  • Launching
  • Touring 

Wholeness Retreat Webinar Agenda

~~> 60-90 minutes of key speaking points on subjects such as; yet not limited to, Healing, Believing & Living through Christ,  [bih-wair] or Prophetic Word

~~> 30 min Question/Answer

~~> Registration: Limited space available