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Are you in need of healing (mind, body, spirit & soul)???

Are you ready to step up your faith and begin to diligently walk on water in God’s Mighty ways???

Are you ready to constantly flow in a balanced life walking in righteousness???

Are you truly ready to place all your thoughts, visions and dreams into their works???

Recognizing your purpose is one key to walking in God's Greatness & embracing who you are,,, "Your True Purpose" is within each of us, instilled by God,,, in order to embrace this extraordinary gift of God through Jesus Christ, you must have 100% Faith in Him,,, through this "ACTION" you will continuously walk in the confidence & boldness in your personal path in touching all lives placed on your path in Divine Purpose...

{*Ephesians 2:8 & 3:12,***2 Thessalonians 2:13,****2 Timothy 1:9}

Blessings, Blessings:

In this full day (10am til 4pm) event, "Wholeness Retreat Live Gatherings" you will be heightening yourself into your God Given Purpose...

Registration: Limited space available

Embracing the Greatness Within You!!!

Embracing the Greatness Within You” segment aim is to successfully allow others to embrace the key elements in order to walk in God's Greatness at all times…


“[bih-wair]” segment aim is to aid others in heightening their God Given Gifts of Inspirational Writing,,, within this session “[bih-wair]”, Author D’Vine Scott along with periodic special guest speakers will introduce you to many of the hidden details in truly understanding keys in the writing, publishing & publishing process...

Embracing the Greatness Within You 

Pivital Points

  • Healing- Releasing & Healing of Past Pains
  • Believing-Growing Close in Your Personal Relationship with God
  • Living-Understanding and Accepting Your Purpose

 [bih-wair] Pivital Points

  • Writing | Editing Process
  • Publishing
  • E-book
  • Marketing | Branding
  • Launching
  • Touring